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The date of the 13th annual Prayer to the Pagan Fishgod Beerfest has not been set yet.
Opening day is the last saturday of April.
Party has a tenitive date of the friday night before(silly hat night) and through saturday(silly hat day**) and on sunday(the day of deep~hurting*) the healing and purging rituals of the casting out of foul spirits within and without.
If you plan to attend let us know A.S.A.P.

December 2002-Our splinter group the Order of the White Skulls had a heavy duty SPODI party in december and many brain cells died.
Also the premier viewing of "Vitual Beer Drinking Buddy Guy" took place with great reviews!




*The day of "Deep~Hurting" is not a event just a aftermass
**"Silly~hat day"is fishing while wearing tinfoil viking hats.