The White Skulls Spodi Party December 2002
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Find out more about Tin Foil Defection Beanies on our links page!
Spodi: A large mixed fruit drink made on sailing ships.Contains very large amounts of Rum and fruit and fruit juices.
Made famous in the 1955 film Mister Roberts. We did not add the rubbing alcohol like in the film though.

Billy from Portland and The High Priestess of the White Skulls Summerbreeze
Not the hint of soberness is still with them.

Diamond's tin fiol hat covers his real unicorn horn!
The White Skull's bar!


Yup, he did get his hat at a headshop!
They say that tobacco is best smoked through a water pipe. Or a helmet waterpipe!
What can you say? hey girls he is available!!
He loves safe sex,but he is selfish.He is known to wear ribbed condoms inside out for his plessure!!Please put that thing away before you get it caught in the screendoor or something!
Wear is this kids tin foil hat?
Zig~Zag and Pampers should team up!
Beer Quote
"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

--Benjamin Franklin