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The Titlow Service Medal
The Red Eyed Decoration of Merit

These awards were given to gallant and honorable members of the Secret Zymotic Brotherhood of the Pagan Fishgod Priests at the 12th annual Pagan Fishgod Beerfest of 2002

  The TItlow Service Medal 1983-95 Description
Titlow Beach is the site of an old burned down pier, or some sorts. The main attraction of this site is the remains of the end of the pier, and a bottle garden to the south of the pier. From looking from shore, the end of the pier looks like a ring of pilings, out in the middle of the water, about 100 yards off shore. There is a family oriented park there, so it might be a good place to bring the family and make a day of it.

The TItlow Service Medal 1983-95

For elevating underage drinking to a artform.
For meritous effort while in defiance of the law.
For defending the home turf from "crack"...
For showing chivary at all underage keggers...
For gallentry in face of bottle~rockets...
For never getting your car stuck on the railroad tracks...

The most high order of the Secret Zymotic Brotherhood does here by acknowledge your gallant service on this twentyseventh day of the month of Apiril in the year of our beer 2002

  The Red Eyed Decoration of Merit The owners of the decoration of merit do not wish to be known to the public.

For achievment of a altered state of being through sleep depravation and or the use of magic potions
For outpartying your fellow priests to the crack of dawn or more...
For still knowing your secret name in the wee hours of the morn...
To thee we give a honor of the silliest and most self~destructive....
For thou art a "Very High Priest"....
Thine ist in der handbasket and enjoying the ride!!
Over the braincells loudspeakers play loud sounds of whitenoise of the party's hours past!
Your award of damage never to be repaired,of memories to hope to not forget,are yours.And this snazy Medal.
  Titow Beach Washington State

"An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools."

--Ernest Hemingway
For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Most coolest place on earth "Titlow Beach" Washington State USA