The "KNIGHTS" of the Pagan Fish God
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Awards and Medals Of The Knights of the Pagan FishGod

Many Pagan Priests need special mention.
These awards were given to gallant and honorable members of the Secret Zymotic Brotherhood of the Pagan Fishgod Priests at the 12th annual Pagan Fishgod Beerfest of 2002

The Order of the Pagan Star

Lifetime award for detication to the Order of the Pagan Fishgod Priests and servise in the highest magatude to the spirit of the party.
  The Order of the Pagan Star

Do to the bilaws of our society's secret charter we can not list the fine fellows that wear this most high honor.Needless to say they are of the highest caliber and drinking ability.

The Order of the White Skull

For meritorious achivment during the Pagan rites..
For selfless detication to the art of the party!
For adding to the lure of the ritual in all affairs..
For not falling down once!
For this is why you do the Voodoo that you do!

This high and strange Order is granted to him for the timespan of one calander year to be used and abused as the bearer sees fit....
With this honorous privledge is granted to following rites and duties.
To start his own order of the White Skulls and to establish his own secret brotherhood not excluding or dublicating the Secrtet Zymotic Brotherhood of the Pagan Fishgod Priests.
Such new order will be of its own design with it's own strange holidays and gatherings with thier own odd and weird rituals and drinking games.
To never use a non~alcholic beverage while toasting ,lest ye die!
To go forth into the world as if always leaving a tavern at last call.
To maintain a strong and freindly contact with the Order of the Dark Skulls,lest ye die!
To never eat fuzzy things that grow in the bottom of beercans under ones couch,lest ye die!
To always check to see if ones cigerett butt has been put out in ones beercan before guzzling,lest ye die!
TO wash ones hands befor having carnal knowledge of any living thing excluding yogart and other non~dairy objects of ones desire,lest ye die!
To always look upward when on the escalator in the womans department for it is the thing to do!
To maintain clean mirrors on ones shoes while square dancing or the like,lest ye be disapionted...
To remember that not all ripe mellons in the produce department are not for ones own personal pleaser untill brought to the privacy on ones home.
To always serve the best cheap "ICE" beer to ones guests while entertaining at home,,
To remember not to fall asleep with ones arm under a coyete~fuck,lest ye die!
When holding Secret Covens of the White Skull one must not betray any secrets or rituals of the Secret Zymotic Brotherhood of the Pagan Fishgod Priests lest ye die!


The Order of the Dark Skull
The most secertive and missunderstood sub-cult of our coven.It's ways and dark rituals are unspeakable to any sober person.Only though "DEEP HURTING" may one become close to the "Way of the Box"Many a normal person has lost there mind trying to comunicate with them.

For exceptional devotion to the party..for fanatical weirdness during the rites of passage..for achieving a profond state of conciousness..we award theis weird honor..

The bearer of the honor of the medal of the dark skull shall have the power to shape his own sub~order of the Pagan Fishgod Priests.
To not exclude or interfer with the Secret Zymotic Brotherhood in anyway shape or form.To get as weird as mentally possable whenever possible...To celebrate all holidays and non~recognized holidays in the pagan year of our beer 2002..with out exception.
To open ones beer only if ones old beer is empty as forseen by the spirit of the Box of Fear on he second tuesday of the third mouth ending with a day ending in the letter "Y"..
To allways keep at least one beer in ones fridge at home lest ye die!..
To never watch,view,listen to or tape viewings of the"Jerry Springer Show"unless your B.A.C.level is at least .200

When drinking a non~alcoholic beverage one will not make toasts with such item,lest ye diee..
Apon opening ones third beer in a row one will find a safe way home..
When holding covens of the Order of the Dark Skull one will never betray the Secret Rites of the and ways of the Pagan Fishgod Priests,lest ye die!!
These rights and orders are governed by the High Priest of the Pagan Fishgod Priests and are subject to change at any time except for blue moons and lunar eclipces and times of the year not marked on calanders as days of the year...These are freebies so go nuts!


The Order of the White Skull
Awarded for meritious achievment during the pagan rites.Awarded 2002 to Jackie Morris

The Order of the Black Skull
Order of the darkest black skull of fireside magic.Awarded to the most spirirted and spaced out priest.Awarded 2002 to Lee Zable